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1. Friday night

You take her out on a Friday night
Can’t shake the feeling that something’s not going right
You got a brand new set of promises
You’re gonna spill them all out just for her delight

But that’s not what she wanted
She wants it easy and you never quite get it right
And she don’t care if you’re on it
It’s pretty safe to say you’re gonna lose her tonight

It’s the happy couple’s last dance
The end of your romance
You’re not even gonna stay friends
And where do you wanna go now
You lost it all somehow
There’s no use in pretence
You’ll join the traveling band
They all seem very nice men
As if they could lend a hand
But it’s the same show every night
It gets you so uptight
You’ll never be alright

She’s gonna leave and it’s pretty soon
She made up very nice apologies all afternoon
She’s gonna tell you in a lovely way
It’s gonna have you on your knees begging her to stay

But that’s not…

2. What would you do?

What would you do if I got it all right in the sense
That I don’t mind if you’re coming back
When I’m high up in the air I don’t care about shit
And it’s easy to see that it’s not it
Who do you think you can fool man I’d rather be deaf
Than to listen to you for another day
Nobody knows exactly where we go in the end
So it’s not worth listening to them

Any old time you’re trying to set me straight
I just can’t wait to see you fail
Getting it wrong then you’ll know where you belong
You’re not so strong you’ll come undone
Go back to where you said I should start
Let’s make it hard on your part
This time I won’t believe it

3. Electrification

I’ve been looking for some electrification amongst the young
But all that I found was a couple of cowboys and wannabes
I’ve been digging as deep as I could into whatever was new
And all the down I’ve been trading reception for disbelief

Something’s gotta change… or it’s the rise and fall of the roman empire again

I know the amplification you’re putting on must be wrong
For all I can hear’s repetition of things that I didn’t do
I guess that all that you want is to get me stuck with wrong stuff
Working and buying denying that I have to tell you… that…

Something’s gotta change… or it’s the rise and fall of the roman empire again!

4. Regulate

I regulate I watch you wait
I’m coming back later see if I can date her
Her sexy eyes are cold as ice
You’re not gonna make it the effort is wasted

We’ll set you right and we don’t care if you wanna know
When you’re getting home tonight you’ll have us on your head stereo

Your empty life the lonely nights
Are coming to haunt you there’s nothing you could do
It makes you think another drink
Is not gonna hurt you which I think is not true

We’ll set you right…

5. How could you

You could get me away from
Everything I don’t need
You could show me the way home
When I’m too wasted to see
You could hold me in your arms
Keep me from all sorts of harm
We could dance in the moonlight
Under the stars tonight

How could you ever refuse this
I never thought I could lose it
Couldn’t you tell me another way
Couldn’t you take the spell off me
Stop to pretend that you loved me
Couldn’t you wait for a better day

Couldn’t you get me a way to figure it out and be silent
And never again whine in front of everyone
Everyone else at the party there figured that you would deny me
Long before I ever thought it might be so
Now I don’t know what I’m doing here lacking the means to keep you near
Getting so drunk I don’t care at all no more
I will not try again now it’s plain to see that we’re over now
Everything I thought was wrong…




1. so sweet
I'm dead drunk but I'm alright
we're gonna rock 'n' roll all night
and who's the girl in the tight dress
I think I wanna make that mess

it can't happen on a first date
I always thought there was no way
but that's kind of a different story with you
you're just so good I can't help it
you're just so sweet I can't help it
you really kinda blew me away

you're gonna keep me up all night
we both know that it's not right
but that's part of the action
the sin is the attraction


2. please
please mary jane don't say it's over now
for you know that it's wrong somehow
take back the words that made me so sad
I'm as sad as I'll ever get
please don't be cruel I'm never over you
and there's nothing that I can do
I can't see the point in bringing it up again
but baby you wanted to

so come on you know that you'll get your way
so come on you know that it's easy
so come on get me wrong

please hold my hand for one last time now
you will never do that again
walk out the door I thought about it all
and I don't need you anymore
please close your eyes for one last kiss goodbye
wouldn't that be just so nice
that feels so right it's making you nervous
it'll eat at your heart tonight


you'll get the award for being so down
you don't want anyone else around
you'll dig a hole and hide underground

3. np1
she's the leader trust and follow no other
true believers rather question each other

if anything goes wrong she's not the one to blame it on

she's a queen and I wanna make her a mother
she's a cheater better than any other

if anything goes wrong she's not the one to blame it on

4. do the kopernikus
you get away with never paying attention
are you still waiting for divine intervention
the way you leave yourself alone makes me so sad
you're never happy but you fake it in your head

it doesn't matter much anyway
it's not a problem at all
we're gonna make an exception
and never mention the fault

you'll find another way to make us all uptight
you'll find another way to make it sound alright
you take it easy cause you don't have a conscience
forever putting off your life doesn't make sense


this hurts it might be new daiv audio but who told you so
it's not the shit you know from radio or a video
look at the happy kids they're gonna make out after the show
there's nothing wrong with it
they're only using each other and that's called love

5. game over
you're so sad just because that girl left one week ago
you're so sad because you left that boy one week ago

I guess this is something you don't wanna hear
You'll sit in your corner while I get another beer

you're so sad you're all you have now that you're on your own
you're so sad but it's in your hands get off your ass and dance

I guess this is something you don't wanna hear
you'll sit in your corner while I get another beer

and that's when you ought to dance the night away

6. everyone's rugs
we're swimming on an ocean of drugs
it makes us pee on everyone's rugs
I promise we could stop anytime

we hardly know the songs that we play
so please don't understand what I say
I promise I won't fuck with the rhyme

into your brains I can feel you receive it
you don't have to see it we'll make you believe it
it's nothing it's all you've ever been waiting for

end of the story when nothing has happened
there's something behind it we'll help you to find it
it's nothing It's all you've ever been waiting for